Sitali breath to cool down & relieve stress

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Sat nam, Monday’s class will feature a kriya to expand our lung capacity and magnetic field so there will be lots of wonderful breath-work. A special “Naad meditation to communicate from totality” will continue our work on communication.

I want to share one of my favorite yogic breaths with you this week, the Sitali breath. This breath is so cooling and calming everyone should have it in their yogic medical bag to pull out when stress levels rise, bad dreams or night sweats wake you up, or hot flashes plague you.

Ideally you sit cross legged or in a chair with your hands in gyan mudra but I have used this breath lying in bed, at my desk at work, and driving my car. These are all places where I have needed a cool, calming breath.

Roll your tongue up like a taco shell and stick it out. Inhale deeply and smoothly through the tongue and mouth then pull the tongue in and exhale through the nose. Try it for at least 3 minutes if you can. You will be able to watch the mercury in your internal thermometer drop right down!

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